Mirelle Frost
Mirelle FrostCEO
Mirelle Frost has worked in the voluntary sector for over 25 years with local, national and international charities such as The National Trust, Helplines Partnership and currently Kent Enterprise Trust with experience in marketing, fundraising, PR, events and communications.
She is creative and passionate about making our environment a better place and particularly enjoys helping people improve their wellbeing and increasing accessibility for all.
She has been recognised for her charity achievements with invitations from the Queen’s Garden Party, House of Lords, Sheriff-Elect of London, The Earl and the Mayor of Sandwich.
In her spare time, Mirelle loves horse riding, kayaking, bodyboarding and cycling with her family in Kent and Cornwall.
07841 032462
Cheryl Willans
Cheryl WillansKent Enterprise House Project Officer
Cheryl joined Kent Enterprise Trust in 2014 after completing our four week work experience placement. She became our first volunteer and then became a member of staff running reception. She has worked her way up the ladder to now be our Project and Finance Manager. Cheryl runs our main office Kent Enterprise House.
In her spare time cheryl loves spending time with her family and listening to music.

07734 254080

Alex Baker
Alex BakerMarketing and Communications Executive
Alex joined the team in 2018 as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice, managing the social media, handling and sending out all the marketing for Kent Enterprise Trust. Since then, he has developed new skill sets and has now worked his way to become a Marketing and Communications Executive, taking on more roles and responsibilities with Kent Enterprise Trust.
In his spare time, Alex loves to play football and go out with his friends at the weekend.
07734 254079​
Rhianna Stuart
Rhianna StuartBusiness Admin and Training Apprentice
Rhianna joined Kent Enterprise Trust in November 2018 as a Business Admin and Training Apprentice, this means I handled booking, creating and arranging training courses to enable young adults to get back into employment, gain confidence and knowledge whilst also improving their CV’s.

Whilst I am still responsible for all things training, I have recently taken on more responsibility and have accepted the role of Finance and HR Assistant. I am responsible for recruiting, interviewing and inducting new volunteers to become a part of our team. Whilst also working behind the scenes assisting our Project and Finance Manager with invoicing, filing and general administration and financial tasks.

01227 844477

Diane Jarrett
Diane JarrettReceptionist
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Brian Stream
Brian Stream Walk Community Garden
“This land was going waste for 20 years and was brought to a good productive use. I started working here about 6 years ago. I look after the garden, keep plans for vegetable rotations and plots. I usually come in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to water the plants. I enjoy helping people and passing on my knowledge.”
Graham Stream Walk Community Garden
“I have been volunteering in the field of photography here since September 2016. I like working here because it helps in improving course of life. The garden offers a peaceful environment to learn and teach. It helps in training the individuals about health and safety, first aid, equipment training as well as confidence building. It enables people in hard times to have a lifeline with no pressure and/or demands. People who failed previously can feel a sense of achievement as there’s no one here who cannot do something.
​The idea of behind this is not only to make the land productive but also make it comfortable and environment friendly. This gives it a social aspect along with the productivity.”
Matt Stream
Matt StreamWalk Community Garden
​“I have been volunteering here for over 5 years now, from watering the plants to edging the lawn. I’ve seen it from an empty field to this. I like volunteering here as I get to pick up new skills and make new friends.”
Justin Stream Walk Community Garden
​“I have been volunteering here for over 5 years now. I do a bit of everything here including maintenance, grass cutting, woodwork, etc. I like working at the garden because we are like a little community where everybody gets along here and helps each other without any judgements. The work environment is flexible and calming, with no pressure, but at the same time rewarding. If you are slightly secluded at home or elsewhere, you could always come in here, have a cup of tea, meet new people and socialise.”
TomStream Walk Community Garden
“I have been volunteering here for about two and a half years now. I get involved with lawn mowing, woodwork, fixing rotten boarders and planting. There is no pressure of the work and everybody helps each other. I love it here and feel like I am a part of the gang.”
Joe Stream Walk Community Garden
“I have been volunteering here for about 5 years now. I usually get involved with sowing, pruning, lawn mowing, planting tomatoes and lettuce. The garden, to me, is like a lovely social gathering where I meet new people, make new friends and gain more knowledge of gardening”.
Jonathan Stream Walk Community Garden
“I am a volunteer photographer here and have been working here for a few months. I personally have been photographing for 40 years. I like the diversity and challenges here. I mostly like to work on the butterfly bed”.
Gemma Stream Walk Community Garden
​“I have been volunteering here as a photographer since May 2017. The garden is a calm, de-stressing place where I can switch off from all stressful situations. I wish to contribute and help the garden as much as I can. I’ve donated taps and a fire bucket as I feel small actions can make a huge difference.”
Michael Stream Walk Community Garden
​“I have been volunteering here for around a year now. I enjoy weeding and gardening here.”
Doug Stream Walk Community Garden
“I started getting involved here recently, about a month or two ago. I volunteer here with many different things like picking plums, fruits and berries, planting as well as weeding. I like being able to do practical work and to socialise simultaneously.”
Neil Stream Walk Community Garden
“I have getting involved here for around 2 years now. I help with weeding, planting and making tea runs. I try to work in the tea shed more often to keep the people fed. I love learning new skills while working outside in the fresh air and socialising with colleagues. The work here intrigues me as it is very different to the work I used to do before. The way they have maintained the garden in keeping it tidy is appreciable.”