Training available with Kent Enterprise Trust

Future Learn

Online courses available in

  • Business and Management
  • Creative Arts and Media
  • Nature and Environment
  • Politics and the Modern world
  • Literature
  • Health and Psychology
  • Science, Maths and Technology
  • Law
  • History
  • Online and Digital
  • Teaching and Studying
  • Languages and Cultures
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Skills Network

East Kent College

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  •  Website  Management and Optimisation
  •  Cyber Security
  •  Mobile and Cloud Technology

Kent Adult Education

Supported Learning Course

If you would like to attend any training please register your interest at email

Online courses available:

  • NCFE Level 2 in Autism
  • NCFE Level 2 in Equality and Diversity
  • NCFE Level 2 in Nutrition and Health
  • NCFE Level 2 in Understanding End Of Life Care
  • NCFE Level 2 in Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care
  • NCFE Level 2 in Principles of Working with Individuals with   Learning Disabilities
  • NCFE Level 2 in Understanding the Care and Management of  Diabetes
  • NCFE Level 2 in Infection Control in Health Care Settings
  • NCFE Level 2 in Awareness Of Mental Health Problems
  • NCFE Level 2 in Team Leading
  • NCFE Level 2 in Safe Handling of Medications
  • NCFE Level 2 in Business and Administration
  • NCFE Level 2 in Dementia Care
  • NCFE Level 2 in Preparing to Work In Adult Health and Social Care
  • NCFE Level 2 in Common Health Conditions
  • NCFE Level 2 in Customer Service
  • NCFE Level 2 in Information, Advice and Guidance
  • NCFE Level 2 in Counselling Skills
  • NCFE Level 2 in Retail Operations
  • CACHE Level 2 in introducing caring for Children and young  people

Response – Courses available :

  • Skills for Work and Jobs
  • Getting Job Ready
  • Employability Skills
  • Is Running a business for me?
  • Skills for Volunteers
  • Community Learning Champions
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Introduction to Health and Social Care sector
  • Introduction to Customer Service and Retail
  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Introduction to Working with Children
  • Introduction to Working in Catering
  • Become an Instructor of Chair– based Exercise
  • Deaf Awareness
  • Visual Impairment Awareness
  • Intro to British sign Language
  • Intro to Mental Health First Aid Lite
  • Intro to First Aid  for Parents and Carers
  • Into to Moving and Handling (people)
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Make your hobby work for you
  • Basic Computing Skills
  • Next Level IT
  • Levels 1 and 2 in Food safety in Catering
  • Levels 1 and 2 in Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Level 2 Principles of COSHH
  • Level 2 Principles of Manual Handling
  • Emergency First Aid at Work