John Laming, founder (1925 – 2014)

Kent Enterprise Trust was founded in 1982 under the name CADET (Canterbury and District Enterprise Trust) which set up training and employment schemes to fulfil the following charitable objects.

  1. Relieve unemployment by providing vocational training, retraining, and assistance to find employment
  2. Assist young persons in need of financial assistance who are preparing to go into a trade or profession by providing training, work experience and support to acquire the necessary equipment to enable them to earn a living.
  3. Relieve persons with disabilities, mental health problems or problems associated with drug or alcohol abuse by providing training, work experience and assistance to realise their full potential and find possible employment
  4. Provide vocational training and retraining

By providing these, we aim to contribute to the long term economic recovery of the district and to this day, these objectives remain the same.

A rich social heritage by founders Cyril Appleton and John Laming

We claim a rich heritage of community engagement: finding work placements jobs and training opportunities for young people, and developing a Social Care

Cyril Appleton, founder (1924 – 2003)

service to support the old and vulnerable in our local communities.  The roots of these local enterprising programmes, geared towards addressing social deprivation, can be traced to Cyril

Appleton’s and John Laming’s work in the 1980’s with the Canterbury Community Guild, their founding of CADET (Canterbury and District Enterprise Trust) and recognising, ahead of their time, that supporting enterprise was the way forward.

In these early days, local businesses, such as Pfizer, bankers, developers, estate agents and newsagents participated in the YTS (Youth Training Scheme) scheme and many have continued to do so. In Whitstable, up to 40 young people at any one time were working in local businesses.  The programme was hosted in a new building on the Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate and was excellent (70% success rate) for a project of its type