We are passionate about creating real opportunities, and we support people in overcoming individual challenges.  We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build confidence, learn and develop, improve their chances of employment and create a sustainable lifestyle. Anyone can come to benefit from our facilities and support  – if you’re out of work, a student, a volunteer or have health needs.

Who are we?

Kent Enterprise Trust based in Herne Bay, Kent are recognised for changing people’s lives by supporting people in their search for employment. The charity generates income from office rentals within Kent Enterprise House, grants, donations and fundraising events like the Harvest Moon Gala Ball.

​What do we do?

Kent Enterprise Trust is a charity which helps people get into or back into employment, education or training. The charity has been supporting people for over 30 years, working closely with many other local organisations. We have an excellent track record in helping people to develop and grow.

Where do we do what we do?

We run from – Kent Enterprise House, The Links, Herne Bay, a modern serviced facility, training and enterprise centre.

Why are we necessary?

We help those who need us most to get into or back into employment, education or training. This improves the individuals’ lives and supports our community.

Why do we do what we do?

We see the individual grow in confidence and ability in order for them to be more successful. This in turn improves the lives of individuals.

Who do we serve?

Any adult who can and WANTS to develop themselves. Our stakeholders who are participants, customers, service users, employees and the community.

How and where do we find who we serve?

By using every method possible, whilst thinking about our budget. We also use external bodies who provide a ready supply of people to us by referral.

Where are we going?

Forward. By doing more of the above and improving our current projects to generate more income. This will help us create new projects and support even more people with higher quality service.

How do we stay on course?

By constantly driving what we do and getting everyone else to buy into our charity mission!

How can you be involved?